Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Tuesday 1 May 2018

As predicted. (Un Cafe, Beeston)

Un Cafe,
Opening times Mon-Sat 9:30-4:00 
After having to postpone last weeks cafe cycle ride due to unprecedented precipitation then I was relieved to see the sun had made it out today for the first time since 'the heatwave' we enjoyed a couple of weeks ago.

This weekend will be the 3rd Annual Cake Crusader Spring Sportive (CCSS) where we will be having two 60 mile rides, overnighting at Thetford. As today's cycling guests, Mrs Crusader plus Barry and Helen and their tandem would be coming I decided to keep this ride on the short side to aide the long tapering programme they seem to have been on in the building up to the event.

On my last ride Big George got a puncture and in the blog post I wrote the following "As always I checked my records which show that my last cafe cycle puncture on a ride was a year ago (30th April 2017) whereas my cycling guests have now had seven in that time. I think we all know what will happen on my next ride."

What a stupid, stupid thing to have written as clearly the cycling gods were not going to let such a prediction pass and I got a puncture within the first 5 miles of today's ride. Things were made doubly frustrating as the tyres were very new and therefore took sometime to get on and off.
Mending my first puncture for over a year as Helen supervisies with 'useful suggestions'
Once fixed we rode through Broadland before reaching the new Norwich North Distributor road. Thanks to a badly designed cycle crossing point it took sometime to get across but once we had we found Un Cafe (a cafe) at the Beeston farm shop.
Un Cafe in a very modern style building
The staff asked if we wanted them to set up the outdoor seating. I wasn't sure if it was because they didn't like the look of us or if they were just being nice. I assumed the later and we went marched inside.
The potential outdoor seating area, available on request
The cake selection had a good number of sponge cakes but sadly no brownie to try for Brownie of the year 2018 (#BOTY). I had a blackberry sponge and Mrs Crusader coffee cake. As always Barry refused to take part in any cake reviewing nonsense and Helen was clearly confused and ordered a sausage roll, which was so 2017 (#SROTY).
Today's cake selection
Our refreshments soon arrived. I found the hot chocolate a bit on the weak side but the mocha and cappuccino ordered by my cycling guests both got a big thumbs up as they were very happy with their strength and taste.
Excellent coffee
The cakes were nice solid examples and got a decent cake taste quality (CTQ) score.
Cake, but I think you knew that
Un cafe (a cafe) was a nice stop, although not as french as the name suggested, and I recommend a visit.

The short ride back home had no further incident and hopefully it will be at least another year before my next puncture but I won't be making any predictions.

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Click here to download 31 Mile Norwich Beeston loop GPX file for your GPS

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