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Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Thursday, 17 May 2018

Late again. (The School House, Poringland)

Closed Down
With clear blue skies and bright sunshine, today looked like the perfect day for a cafe cycle ride, but don't be fooled. I had arranged a 35 mile loop in South Norfolk ending at the new community cafe (the School House) in Poringland. Today's cycling guest, Big George, sent me his normal "why I'll be late" text as I waited for him by the big wrought Iron gates at the end of Crusader Towers drive. It said "just setting off and will be with you in 5". The units of the 5 were not specified and it turned out they were each 6 minutes in length as we eventually left 30 minutes late.

Cycling guest cycling top tip 63. Before setting off on your ride check the weather forecast and don't be fooled by clear blue skies and bright sunshine as it could still be very cold.

Fortunately we had both sensibly followed cycling guest cycling top tip 63 and, for the first time, both had our gillets on as it was freezing. Especially if you were waiting in the cold for half an hour to start your ride.

To keep warm we cycled as fast as we could until we arrived at the School House cafe in Poringland
Outside the School House entrance
As the name suggests the School House cafe is housed in the old Poringland primary school building in presumably what was one of the classrooms. The decor is very bright and they have kept away from any old school theme which is good or bad depending on your taste but a bit too clinical for me.

The cake selection wasn't bad with several nice looking cake offerings. I went for banana and honey loaf and Big George ordered a cappuccino and egg sandwich, (on white with no garnish). As an egg sandwich (on white with no garnish) is not cake then he played no further part in cake reviewing.
Today's cake selection
We felt our drinks were both a bit on the weak side and my banana loaf seemed to be a fruit cake as I couldn't detect any banana, just sultaners but I may just have been given the wrong loaf. Either way it tasted very good but was a bit on the dry side. 
Cakes and drinks at the school house cafe
Although egg sandwiches play no part in my rating system Big George wanted it noted that it was an excellent one. So I have, maybe he should start his own egg sandwich based blog to save me the effort in future.

As we set off for home Big George asked what time it was as he had an urgent appointment at the barbers. Fortunately he had plenty of time but proudly announced he had brought extra money with he in case we were delayed and he had to go straight to his haircut. I questioned why he used the word we as I recalled being on schedule as I waited half an hour in the freezing cold to start the ride and without introducing any time pressures of my own.

I'm sure you will be glad to know that we did get back in plenty of time and by now Big George's hair should have been appropriately shortered.


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