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Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Saturday 19 May 2018

Norfolk cycle parkrun challenge stage 4. (Courtyard cafe, Sheringham)

Courtyard Cafe,
Sheringham Park,
Opening times Everyday 10-5 (Weekends in Winter)
My friend Mark was looking for someone to join him on an attempt to cycle to, then run, every parkrun in Norfolk over the summer. He needed someone who liked cycling, enjoyed planning routes, was obsessed by stats and spreadsheets, and couldn’t resist a challenge. For some reason, I don't understand why, he thought of me and I quickly picked up the gauntlet. 

Today was the 4th cycle parkrun we had done, this time to Sheringham, but the first with a cafe I hadn't been to, hence the need for today's post.

As the official Norfolk cycle parkrun challenge rules (what I wrote) dictate then each ride needs to start from our home parkrun which means the bandstand at Eaton Park. I had calculated that we needed to leave at 7.00 am to get to the start in time so got up early and met Mark on time. Even that early in the morning it took longer than expected to get across Norwich so by the time we got into the country we were already on the clock.

Fortunately, although we were riding into the wind, it was a light one so with a bit more cycling effort than planned we made it to Sheringham Park in time to get ready for the run and hear the pre race briefing.
Sheringham parkrun pre race briefing
The run route was a very pretty one passing the colourful rhododendrons that were coming into bloom. As I have had an Achilles injury for the last few weeks (not that I like to talk about it) I struggled with the long downhill start but once we were on the flat I could get going and enjoy the views of the sea. There is a bit of a sting in the tail with a short steep uphill before the finish so I was pleased with my 14th place finish. Mark came in a minute and forty seconds behind me.
Another Norfolk parkrun completed
With parkrun complete it was time to test out the cafe. It was a National Trust jobby called The Courtyard cafe. I am now getting a bit fed up with Courtyard cafes as this is the 5th one I have been to in Norfolk which is getting confusing and causes data integrity issues on my ratings spreadsheet.
Outside another Courtyard Cafe with fellow runners already inside
Fortunately as we had finished towards the front of the run we got into the cafe early before a large queue formed. However the cake selection was a bit light with only Victoria sponge and carrot cake available. We shared a piece of each while Mark had an americano as his guest hot drink.
Rather small cake selection
We returned to the outdoor courtyard seating area where Mark demonstrated his rookie rating skills by getting all his proposed scores wrong. We did both think the carrot cake good but the sponge cake a bit dry although still decent enough. My hot chocolate was a poor Cadbury one but Mark felt his coffee was pretty good and strong. So a bit of a mixed bag.
Cakes and drinks
With parkrun run and the park cafe rated our work here was done as we returned to Norwich via the Marriotts way. Next week we head East to the Gorleston parkrun.

Hot Choc Quality
Guest Hot Drink Quality
Effective Cake Selection
Cake Quality
Ambiance and Atmosphere
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Click here to download 25 mile Norwich to Sheringham gpx file for your gps
Click here to download 33 mile Sheringham to Norwich gpx file for your gps

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