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Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Friday, 16 February 2018

Fashion. (Jimmy's cafe, Old Buckenham)

Jimmy’s Cafe,
Old Buckenham,
Opening times Thur-Sun 9-4:00,
After a heavy overnight frost a pitch inspection was required this morning before we could decide if to go ahead with today's cafe cycle ride. I was slightly surprised how keen Big George, today's cafe cycle guest, was for the ride to happen in these conditions but it soon became apparent as to his reason.

When he turned up he was in a shining new bright white cycle coat and insisted on giving me a twirl before we set off. He then explained that he had splashed out on a whole new winter cycle wardrobe that he would be modeling today.

Our route would be heading to Jimmy's cafe at Old Buckenham airfield. It has been recommended to me on several occasions but on my previous two attempts to visit it was shut so I was hoping for better luck today. 

We hadn't gone far when Big George asked if we could stop as he was now "a bit hot" and wanted to remove his new jacket. I thought it was still freezing but he stylishly slipped off his coat to unveil his new cycle top which had zipped sleeves so could also be converted into a gilet. After some more twirls, with and without sleeves, we eventually got going again and made it down to Jimmy's.
Big George modeling his new cycle top with sleeves in zipped on mode
Jimmy's is now reliably open Thur-Sun so we parked up in the outdoor seating area, that overlooks the runway, and went inside. 
Outside Jimmy's at Old Buckenham airfield
There was a good cake selection and I went for the interesting looking toblerone cake while Big George opted for a Bacon roll. As we all know a bacon roll is not cake so once again he forfeited the opportunity to take part in cake reviewing.
Cake Selection
We took our cake and drinks to a suitable table in the indoor seating space which is decorated with airfield and airforce type memorabilia. Jimmys is named after American actor Jimmy Stewart who was station here in WWII when the airfield was an American base. There are some military relics dotted about outside too adding to the experience. You can also watch the odd plane take off and land as you enjoy your refreshments.
WWII type relic
My cake was very good but our drinks came from a push button machine so although my hot chocolate was nice Big George was rather disappointed with his coffee (but he thought his Bacon butty was excellent).
Today's drinks and cake
All in all Jimmy's was a very pleasant and slightly different cycle cafe stop so worth a visit if you like planes and WWII history included on your ride.

On the way back we suddenly came across a very icy patch which we remembered as the place where Big George had skidded off and crashed on a ride a couple of years ago. I have scrolled through my cafe cycle ride photo library and have found the picture of the incident for us to enjoy again.
The site of the icy road crash in 2015
Fortunately there was no such accident today as it might have damaged Big Georges new, slightly too big, winter cycle tights and we made it back in one piece.

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