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Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Friday 2 February 2018

Wager. (Daisy Tearoom ,Gressenhall)

Daisy Tearooms,
Opening times Tue-Sun 10-3:30
For the second of my back to back new cycle cafe rides I returned to a previously visited cafe (Peacocks) that was now under new management (Daisy Tearoom) out at Gressenhall. Last time I went with cycling guest Big George, who has still not recovered from his fried egg sandwich coming with a salad garnish rather than brown sauce. He had only agreed to come again today on the condition that if his egg sandwich had lettuce with it then I would be paying. I was confident that this would not be the case so agreed to his wager.

From the end of yesterdays ride until we set off this morning it had not stoped raining so the roads were now soaking and spray was flying everywhere. I was pleased that we were starting off in the dry but within 2 minutes it started to rain. 

There was blue sky in the direction we were heading but it taunted us as it never stopped raining while we aquaplained all the way to Gressenhall where we found Daisy Tearooms at Corners garden centre.
At Daisy Tea Rooms just as it eventually stopped raining
We unnecessarily locked our bikes and went inside to dry off. To our delight there was a log burner, in full blast mode, so we followed last weeks cycling guest cycling top tip as we used the top of the burner to dry off (or melt) our gloves. I now know why the tip said only to user a radiator.
Big George starting to melt our gloves
While Big George made sure the gloves melted on both sides I checked out the cakes, which had a reasonable selection and I opted for the lemon one.
Today's cake selection
It was now time for our wager to be settled as Big George ordered his egg sandwich. 

Before it arrived we had time to test our drinks and cake. Both my hot chocolate and Big George's coffee were both reasonable and the cake was nice too. So nothing outstanding but all good solid offerings.
Then Big George's egg sandwich arrived and as you can see it was garnish free so as Big George was now paying I immediately ordered a cheese sandwich, with a nice garnish, for my lunch. Although it plays no part in my cafe rating scoring system I can report that both the sandwiches were very good.
Garnish free egg sandwich
Fortunately by the time we left the blue sky had arrived so we put on what remained of our gloves and just had the puddles and mud on the road to avoid on the way home.

It had been a cold, wet yet very enjoyable ride but when I got home I realised  I had not followed Cycling Guest Cycling top tip number 10 from January 2015.

 Cycling Guest Cycling Top Tip No. 10. To avoid spraying mud up your back or over your cycling guest make sure your temporary back mudguard is correctly aligned over the wheel. 
Mudguard correctly aligned over wheel

Mudguard incorrectly aligned, too far left

Mudguard incorrectly aligned, too far right
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