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Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Thursday 1 February 2018

Rant news. (Reading Rooms, Kelling)

Reading Rooms,
Opening times Every day 9-4:30,

Today was the first of a back to back, new cycle cafes, double header. This trip was with cycling guest Andrew (who is notoriously hard to please). We would be going from HTPH in Aylsham up to Kelling on the North Coast. On our last ride Andrew had said he had stopped ranting and would now be more positive. I had been surprised how he had kept it up so was interested to see if he would still be positive today.

We set off into a very strong headwind. It was one of those winds that meant you had to frantically pedal even when going down hill, progress was therefore hard and slow. I started to worry about Andrew as he was still trying to look on the upside of everything. Even with the wind he cheerfully pointed out we would have it with us on the way back. I knew this positive thing was getting serious when he told me he had seen this weeks Winterwatch and actually enjoyed it!

I was missing the rants but as the wind had numbed our mouths and stopped us from hearing anything they would have been wasted anyway.
If you look carefully you can just see the wind generators
whirring away in the sea showing just how windy it was
We eventually made it out to Kelling and found the Reading Rooms on the junction with the coast road.
Outside the Reading Rooms in one of several outdoor seating options
Inside we found an eclectic mix of tea room, gallery and second hand book shop. We received a very warm welcome as I started to check out the cakes. It had a lot of good sponge offerings as well as both types of scones so I awarded a decent effective cake selection (ECS) mark.
The non scone part of the cake selection
Meanwhile Andrew had wandered off and was studying the book shelfs. He claimed he was looking for the fabulous new Cake Crusader book but I explained it wasn't likely to be available second hand yet although you could get it from Amazon (for details click here).

Our refreshments turned up, mine was banana cake and Andrew had ginger cake and a cup of tea as the only coffee available was filter although you did get top ups.

Arghhhhhhhhhhh, when the cake arrived they were both on their serviettes. As part of my name and shame strategy I immediately tweeted the evidence (only thwarted by lack of phone signal). Remember #keepcakeoffserviettes
It was a game of two halves re the cakes and drinks. My hot chocolate was a Cadbury type so not my favourite and as Andrew had tea, I applied the controversial Cake Crusader tea capping rule (a cup of tea has a maximum rating of 7 as it's just a cup of tea). The cakes were very good and we both enjoyed our ginger and banana offerings, once we had separate them from the napkins.
Cakes and drinks
I really liked the Reading Rooms for it's unusual vibe (in a good way) and excellent set of cakes and I recommend a visit.

The way back was going to be with the wind but as we set off the skies darkened and it started to rain, which was not the advertised forecast we had been promised. This seemed to be the tipping point as Andrew couldn't contain himself any longer as he complained about weather forecasters before setting off on a series of topical rants form recent news stories. It was very comforting and despite the sleety rain time flew by as his pent up rants came rushing out. Sadly (for exciting reasons soon to be revealed) we won't be riding again for another 6 weeks when I dread to think what the accumulated rants will be. (I am tracking Andrew's positivity coefficient on every ride and still felt he deserved a 6.83 today.) 

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